Invest In Your Wealth and Your Health

Values Based Wealth & Health Advocates

Let us help you manage your wealth and health, so you can spend more quality time with your family—everyone’s number one value!

Both the financial system and the healthcare system are unnecessarily complex and hard to understand.

But if you want to keep your family and yourself healthy and financially secure, dealing with them is a necessary task.

We can’t take away the necessity,
but we can take away the complexity.

Create a Strategy that Works for You

Customized Financial Planning & Investing

For over forty years we have been assisting families in protecting their wealth and establishing legacies by creating a well thought out and comfortable financial position.

helping you understand and save on healthcare

Compassionate and Dedicated Healthcare Advocacy

A patient advocate works in healthcare the same way a lawyer does in court. Drawing on years of experience and a deep understanding of the healthcare system, we help you to negotiate down medical bills, research best treatment options, help you resolve concerns about the quality of your care, and much more. We ensure that your voice is heard.

Brett W. Hagen


Brett has been advising individuals and families about financial matters for over forty years.

His approach is slow, methodical and empathetic. First, he establishes a warm rapport with clients, asking questions to make sure that he understands what is important to them. Brett conducts annual meetings with clients to review performance, reconfirm financial health goals, or just make adjustments as economic or lifestyle conditions warrant.

Brett, and his wife Pat have raised their Family in Northern Virginia for over thirty years. They have a daughter, two sons, and a granddaughter. He currently is on the Financial Council at his church.

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